Navigating the Big Copper Switch Off 2025 for a Full Fibre Future

full fibre future

At Kynex, we’re excited about the significant benefits that come with upgrading to a modern service like fibre optic cable over traditional copper networks. Fibre optics offer a substantial leap in data transmission capabilities, durability, and immunity to interference, providing numerous advantages for businesses across the UK. Openreach is in the process of deploying Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband to 25 million homes and businesses by December 2026, town by town and city by city. This ground-breaking digital network marks the most extensive enhancement to broadband and telephone connectivity infrastructure.

Are you ready? Here’s what this upgrade brings to the table…
  •  Dramatically faster broadband speeds, up to ten times quicker, ensuring seamless connectivity even with multiple devices in use.
  • A notable decrease in faults, resulting in heightened reliability for your operations.
  • Consistently stable broadband speeds, regardless of your distance from the exchange.
  • Improved phone functionalities, including clearer calls, multitasking capabilities, and increased accessibility.
However, it’s important to consider…
  • A phased transition until 2025, where Openreach initiates the phase-out of outdated copper networks in select areas already equipped with full fibre infrastructure.
  • We strongly advise businesses to proactively embrace this change, as engineer availability may become limited during the transition.

The impact of this transition spans across all industries. Since September 2023, Openreach has begun restricting suppliers from ordering legacy broadband or phone services in areas equipped with Full Fibre capabilities.

To learn more about how your business can smoothly adapt to these advancements in your infrastructure, please reach out to our dedicated telecoms team at Kynex today.

Discover comprehensive Kynex’s telecom solutions and seamlessly ‘follow the fibre’ to stay ahead before the Big Copper Switch-off!