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Kynex Fibre Broadband Installation Process for Commercial Premises

Looking for Full Fibre Broadband installation to your commercial premises? Reach out to the specialists at Kynex, your trusted telecoms partner, to discuss your fibre broadband requirements.

At Kynex Fibre, we take immense pride in our position as dedicated T1 and T2 subcontractors to the nation’s most prominent fibre providers. Our commitment to reliable, cabling services runs deep, and we have years of experience connecting businesses across the UK.

Types of fibre broadband installation

Test, Rod, and Rope (TRR)

The Test, Rod, and Rope (TRR) method is a crucial step in fibre optic installation, especially for long-distance runs and overhead installations. This method ensures that the pathway for the fibre cable is clear, and the cable can be safely and accurately installed.

- Before installation, the route is tested to identify any obstacles or obstructions that need to be cleared.
- A flexible rod, often made of fibreglass, is used to guide the cable through conduits or other pathways.
- A rope is attached to the rod, allowing for the cable to be pulled through the route smoothly.


Secure the longevity and protect the integrity of your fibre optic infrastructure with our sub-ducting services. Kynex Fibre ensures that your cables remain shielded from environmental elements and are readily accessible for future maintenance and upgrades.

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Blowing Fibre with Splicing

When it comes to extending cable runs or connecting diverse fibre types, Kynex Fibre is at the forefront. Our expert splicing services seamlessly combine high-quality fusion splicing and precision mechanical splicing, ensuring unmatched data transmission.

Testing and Certification

Reliability is fundamental, and Kynex Fibre's stringent testing and certification processes set the gold standard. We ensure that your fibre optic infrastructure consistently meets or exceeds performance standards.

Overhead Capabilities

We deploy specialised equipment and employ protective casing to secure your fibre cables to utility poles and other structures, guaranteeing efficiency and minimal ground disruption.

Fibre Optic Cable Coming Out Of A Trench Curled Up

What happens next?

Our expert team will conduct a thorough on-site assessment to evaluate the feasibility of installing fibre at your premises, taking into consideration existing infrastructure and potential challenges. Rest assured, all employees hold a minimum of SA002, S7, NRSWA SLG, Confined Space, Asbestos Awareness and Manual Handling Training, meaning you can have peace of mind that your fibre is installed by qualified professionals.

Our team conducts rigorous testing to ensure that the fibre connection meets or exceeds the specified performance standards. The ONT and associated equipment are then configured, ensuring a seamless integration into your network infrastructure.

If required, we’ll handle the internal wiring to seamlessly connect your network to the fibre broadband service. Kynex will then schedule an activation date, marking the official switch-on of your fibre broadband service.

You can count on Kynex Fibre for ongoing support and maintenance, with a dedicated point of contact for any troubleshooting or maintenance needs.

After activation, we will conduct tests to confirm that your Kynex fibre broadband service is delivering the promised speed and reliability, ensuring a seamless transition to high-speed fibre broadband at your commercial premises.

We’re recruiting!

We’re looking for new fibre specialists to join our ever-expanding team of engineers. Please email your CV to [email protected] with a cover letter and we’ll be in touch.

What it's like to work at Kynex


Why Choose Us?

At Kynex we provide UK based account care, and we will deliver ongoing support and advice with your own dedicated account management team. Your account team will be able to gain a comprehensive understanding of your operations in order to understand your business.

This close relationship will allow us to remedy any problems and ensure that you receive the best level of service.

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